Analyzing Old Spice

Topics: Stereotype, Gender, Protagonist Pages: 2 (756 words) Published: September 12, 2012
Analyzing Old Spice
Advertisements these days use many different techniques in order to sell a product. The Old Spice Company uses several methods to convey a message and sell their product. Old Spice commercials are well known for using the famous Isaiah Mustafa, wrapped in just a towel, to talk about the company’s product. While Mustafa walks and talks, the background and setting of the commercial changes and the actor never loses eye contact. The product is always shown throughout the entire commercial. By combining all the elements of gender stereotyping, sexual imagery, and racial innuendoes, Old Spice is able to convey a message to sell their hygienic products.

When it comes to attracting the right audience, Old Spice knows what to do. Not only does the commercial attract men, but also women. By using a buff, half-naked black man with a sexy voice, women automatically pick up their eyes and ears to pay attention. Captivating women along with men in a single commercial helps raise the chances of merchandise being purchased. Women always want their men to smell good, so if they like the product also, they are more likely to buy it for their man. Men are also attracted to this ad with the humor that is used. Isaiah Mustafa keeps a straight face the entire time the scene in the background changes. The randomness and one-line jokes in between help lighten the mood and keep you entertained. This commercial is stereotypical of the male gender because the advertisement makes it seem like if you use Old Spice, then you will look like Isaiah Mustafa. In a sense, the ad makes it appear that to be a man, you have to use their product. All men should be buff and have a sexy voice. The impression given off suggests that if you use the same product, you too can be buff and get everything you desire. From this commercial, you can deduce that the ideal man should be in shape, have perfect teeth and skin, and have a deep, sexy voice. Ultimately this stereotype can...
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