An Inefficient Human Resource Company (Assignment)

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An Inefficient Human Resource Company|
A Perspective Report on Canada Post Corporation (CPC). |
Submitted to: Chris Roubecas|
Submitted by:Garcia Jeriel Blair Derek Lu Zhao Seriki Moses O. Akash Shah |

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Canada Post is one of the largest employers in Canada with over 69,000 employees. Canada Post is a financially self-sustaining Crown corporation, which reports to the Government of Canada. (Government of Canada, 2010). Canada Post is a service company that facilitates communication by mail delivery to numerous customers. The Canada Post Corporation (CPC) Act confers an exclusive statutory monopoly on Canada Post in respect of the collection, transmission, and delivery within Canada of “letters” not weighing more than 500g (Government of Canada, 2010). However, Canada post has a bad stint for re-occurring strikes actions by her employees which is an indicator that there is an inefficient human resource department within the organization. An organization with 69000 employees is a large corporation. Hence, working with people requires that it is essential for human resource managers to pay attention to the individual needs of the employees, while at the same time considering the goals and objectives of the organization (Stewart, Belcourt, Bohlander, & Snell, 2011). With the recurring striking activities of Canada Postal Workers, this indicator shows that Canada post is not addressing effectively the human capital issues within the corporation. Achieving its organizational goal becomes a big challenge because an effective organization is a product of the efficiency in human capital management within the system. This paper investigates and posits why Canada Post is an inefficient organization. It does this by looking into the following rudiments for an effective human resource management system; these includes the set-up of the organizational; work and job design; planning within the organization; recruitment and selection processes; training and developing process; occupational, health and safety structure; how compensation has become a major issue; the performance management and employee and labour relationship. This paper also contains a perspective conclusion on why Canada Post has an inefficient human resource structure.

This involves defining the various forms of tasks, what order these tasks should be performed, it also defines what abilities or skills that are needed, and how all these skills fit together in different work units in achieving the main organizational goals and objectives (Stewart, Belcourt, Bohlander, & Snell, 2011). Managers and supervisors in establishments must ensure that work is designed in a way that motivates employees. A good establishment’s work and job design is symbiotic (it is of benefit to both the employers and employees). The success of an organization depends on a lot of factors like balance of the structure of work that supports work-life balance, supervisor-employee relations, human capital and talent management, blend in diversity of backgrounds and so on. These designs must support employee development and must be well-targeted towards the attainment of organizational strategies, goals and objectives (Stewart, Belcourt, Bohlander, & Snell, 2011). A YouTube video stated that a committee in the House of Commons sponsored a bill which was to name Canada Post as an essential public service. This was to imply that it (the bill) would strip employees in the organization their rights which included their rights to strike (Sykopostie, 2010). An establishment with a good human resource department will not look for...

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