Ambulance Service Nsw Bullying

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Ambulance Service of NSW


Report 2b

11th November 2011

Prepared by

Jane Fuller
Table of Contents

Executive Summaryiii
1.1.Purpose of Report1
1.3.Human Resource Department1
1.4.Report Methodology2
1.5.Report Assumptions and Limitations2
1.6.Report Plan2
2.1.External Environment3
2.2.Internal Environment3
2.3.Detection of Problems4
2.4.Verification / Rejection of Problems4
2.5.HR plan6
2.6.HR plan success criteria7
2.7.HR implementation of the plan7
2.8.HR evaluation of the outcomes8

Executive Summary

This report used the CHRM process to review the issues of bullying, harassment, low morale and staff shortages within the Ambulance Service of NSW (ASNSW). ASNSW is a State Government organisation headed by the Director General for Health and operates under the Health Services Act 1997 and provides health related transport and clinical care to over 7.25 million NSW residences. Information was sourced from the NSW Government Health department and the ASNSW web sites, government enquiries and responses into the service, newspaper reports and journal articles. Issue of staff shortages appears to be false as the evidence obtained shows an increase in the level of clinical staff by 50% between 1995 and 2008/2009, and this increase is higher than the population growth in NSW. What was not considered in the current staffing levels is any increased demand of ambulance services due to ageing population etc, or any changes to work practices that would necessitate the need for additional clinical staff. NSW Government has recognised the fact that bullying does occur in the service, and is a serious problem. Consequences of bullying can include low morale, high stress, diminished self-worth, poor productivity, depression and suicide, alcoholism, being fired or overlooked for promotion amongst employees. Urgent changes to the working practices at ASNSW are required to insure a bully and harassment free environment. These changes include the selection of managers responsible for the implementation of policies and directives, a review of the current policies in place, compulsory training for all employees and known consequences for breach of anti-bullying policies. A process for regular monitoring and verification of complaints received, with feedback to ensure that the policies in place are having the required effect on the working environment, ensuring a bully-free workplace moving forward. Introduction

3 Purpose of Report

Investigated issues within the ASNSW and considered and applied the criteria of Continuous-Improvement Human Resources Management (CHRM) model to the ASNSW Strategic Human Resources Management (SHRM), and addressed whether the organisation’s human resources strategy is aligned with the company’s strategic goals.

4 Background

ASNSW is a State Government organisation headed by the Director General for Health and operates under the Health Services Act 1997. The service provides health related transport and clinical care to over 7.25 million NSW residences, covering 801,600 square kilometers (Ambulance Service, n.d.). ASNSW was selected because there have been eleven government enquires during the last decade on operational issues, which included two specifically on harassment and bullying in the workplace (Wallace, 2009),and numerous other serious allegations in the press alleging bullying in the service is causing poor employee morale, stress and increased incidents of suicide among service employees.

5 Human Resource Department

HR, a division of Corporate Services within ASNSW and responsible for the development and management of strategic and operational human resource policies, programs and services, including recruitment, learning and organisational development, equity...

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