All Manager Are Human Resource Managers

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“All managers are Human Resource (HR) manager”

If I want to give any comments about this at first I have to give the answer whether it is true or false? Whenever we will go for answering this question we may not able to give it straightly. We have to study it and then after a certain period we must able to give the answer whether it is true or false. So for answering this question I have analyzed it and afterward I have reached a decision and my decision is that the statement is totally true. And the following I have tried hard to show the logic behind my answer. Why I have said that the statement is true?

Managers’ basic function:
We know that there are five certain basic functions are done by all managers of an organization. And the five jobs are planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and controlling. And the interesting thing is that if anyone goes wrong from the five basic task of management for this reason all responsibilities will go to the manager and if something goes with success all credit will go the manager. In contrast if we look at the human resource manager’s basic function we will find that his or her basic function is staffing from the five basic function of all managers do.

What happened in the above?
We can see here whatever is done by the human resource management on the other hand same things are done by the all manages in different organization so we can say that “All managers are Human resource manager”.

What managers should know about?
There are some specific things that a manager should know such as:

1. Equal opportunity and affirmative action.
2. Employee health and safety.
3. Handling grievances and labor relations.

The fact is that whenever a manager wants to know these. He or she has to do something for knowing it. And when he or she knows it after performing certain function that time actually he or she has done the job of human resource management’s job because these are the task of human resource...
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