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Westfield Stratford City
Westfield Stratford City is a shopping centre in Stratford, London, owned by the Westfield Group. The centre opened on 13 September 2011, with a total retail floor area of 1,883,700 square feet (175,000 m2) it is one of the largest urban shopping centers in Europe. It is the 3rd largest shopping centre in the United Kingdom by retail space behind the Trafford Centre and Metro Centre. Taking the surrounding shopping area into account, it is the largest urban shopping centre in the European Union in terms of size.

Article 1: Evening Standard: "Westfield Stratford City shopping centre draws record 47-million visitors in its first year Article 2: Westfield Stratford City: east London's enormous new shopping centre opens its automatic doors. Huge crowds descend on the cavernous new shopping centre for opening bargains at Apple, celebrity concerts and a glimpse of the Olympic Park. Article 3: Westfield Stratford City generated £896m of retail sales in its first year with 47 million visitors entering the shopping centre.

Stratford Shopping Centre
Stratford Centre is a shopping Mall in Stratford, London. It was built by Ravenseft Properties Limited, and opened in 1974. Refurbished and partially extended in 1998 it comprises 330,000 sq. ft. on a single level, it was sold by Land Securities to Catalyst European Property Fund LP in 2010.

Article 1: Stratford Centre braces itself for Westfield's impact There is only one article on Stratford Shopping Centre, because its turning a little bit minor compared to the Westfield Stratford City Centre, due to the publicity and the endorsements.

In Geography, the Sphere of Influence is the area served by a shop or service. So if there is a shoe shop at a point A, and the (usually circular) area around it is its sphere of influence, then all the people living inside this area will go to this shoe shop to buy their shoes. Those people living outside this area/sphere of influence will not be...
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