Aging Reflection is On How an Individual Can Adapt

Topics: Sociology, Gerontology, Old age Pages: 4 (1324 words) Published: November 19, 2013
“Aging Reflection is On How an Individual Can Adapt”

For: Kimberly Ellis-Hale
Thursday, April 4, 2013
Aging is a process in our lives that almost everyone associates negatively. Our hair turning grey, developing unsightly wrinkles, losing our memory, all things we look negatively towards. However, when we pay too much of our attention to these superficial factors, we neglect to recognize the characteristics that are deeper within us, what we still can accomplish. Similar to how I felt going to the placement, an elder going to a home for the first time is a complex state of being unaware how to behave, not knowing whom to turn to, and feeling useless, it can have a major strain on our lives. However, enduring all this and also being alone can truly drain the last ounce of life we are left with in the end. From what I have noticed at the retirement center is that residents who regularly participate in the organized activities are the healthiest and happiest people Firstly, I am going to discuss the different services and activities that were made available to older people in their retirement home. There were many activities available for the older people and some of them include; baking, knitting circle, choir practice, movie time, going to the casino, recreational games and pub night. All of these services are beneficial concerning the elderly. Firstly these activities consist of a usually at least one social worker that lead the group and assist them with the activity. Physical activities are just as important as they help contribute to life long health benefits. “For elderly people who are sufficiently mobile and healthy (without disease) in this study, habitual physical activity, especially high-frequency physical activity (e.g., 5 or more days/week), may help reduce insomnia.” (Inoue). These tasks can include befriending, visiting, shopping and driving or any task reasonable that could help the elderly enrich their daily living. The service...
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