Aging Population in Hk

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Aging population


Aging population is a phenomenon that occurs when the median age of a country or region rises due to rising life expectancy and declining birth rates. This problem is keep occurring in the whole world, especially in developed countries such as Japan, US and it becomes a global problem.

Causes of aging population in Hong Kong

Aging population in Hong Kong is caused by two main reasons: declining birth rate and low death rate. Low death rate
Nowadays, the development of medical technology and Hong Kong being a stable place brought the declining of death rate in Hong Kong. In the past, many people dead in childhood due to sickness and improper medical treatment, which enzymes and bacteria can easily kill them. However, with the development of medical technology, such as introduction of new treatments like antibacterial, people can combat many diseases and have a longer life, and the death rate can be lowered. Hence, as Hong Kong is a stable place, it can make people in Hong Kong live longer. Hong Kong is a stable place without the threat of civil wars and lack of essential resources like water and food, compare with some undeveloped countries. In addition, the Hong Kong government also maintain stability by making policies such as food hygiene policy. With maintaining stability, people can live longer then. The above conditions lead to the increasing longevity of Hong Kong people, which caused the aging population in Hong Kong.

Declining birth rate

In the past 50 years, there was a baby boom occurred in Hong Kong. People at that time did not concern about the cost of bring the child up and the problem of population explosion, which lead to the high birth rate at that time. After reaching 1980s, the birth rate started to be declined. This is mainly due to higher education rate in HK, when there is a higher educates rate, less female would unwilling to born more children. Hence, fearing...
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