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Topics: Aging, Economics, Demography Pages: 2 (548 words) Published: September 10, 2014
1. Scholarly journal article

Reinhardt, U.E. (2003). At the intersection of health, health care and policy: Health Affairs. Retrieved July 14, 2014, from

This article investigates the effect of aging population of the U.S population on future demand and supply for health care. In recent decades, there is a debate on health policy which U.S aging population is a dominant contributor of raising the claim of national health spending yearly. For instance, average health spending for Americans per elderly was exceeded triple of Americans (ages 34 – 44) in 1999. However, this can not be use as a model to a country that it is all population ages continuously through time.

This empirical study examines the demand and supply sides of health care by using different studies. For demand, it includes Burner and colleagues review on various factors that drive growth rates (aging population rises only 0.5% to expenses growth yearly), Strunk and Ginsburg remove the total growth section for age under 65 in health spending (fraction never reached 1% of the overall yearly growth in 90s), Studies in Australia (total health spending would only grow 0.6% per year over the forecast horizon). For supply side, it includes U.S adjustments for demographic factor and prices (added labor cost on administration), financing health care for elderly and real resources for elderly.

The significance of this study is to underscore the impact of aging population on health care to face the retiring baby boomers that is expected to start soon. Thus, this article clearly argues that population aging can not be considered as a dominant reason of the demand drivers in health care and the need to determine real resources which required providing all elderly Americans, and then the Americans might ready to take care of the effect of its retiring baby boomers on health field.

2. Government paper

Commonwealth of Australia...
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