Aging Is an Unpredictable Process

Topics: Gerontology, Old age, Ageing Pages: 4 (1624 words) Published: June 12, 2011
Ageing is an Unpredictable Process
Ageing is an unpredictable process. Aging is defined as the accumulation of changes in an organism or object over time. Ageing in humans refers to a multidimensional process of physical, psychological, and social change. Many people age gracefully and some not so pleasingly. There are many stages in life to adult hood. Eric Erickson believes we develop into adulthood in eight stages that begins at birth. Erickson studied development of adults in depth and found that our personality traits come in opposites ( Erickson stages breaks life down into more manageable spans instead of just dealing with life and its ups and down in a single birth to death incident. Aging is a monster of time. As children and young adults we are eager to grow up, but we do not realize what all the aging process has to entail. As we age life becomes less and less enjoyable. We experience physical, mental, and emotional changes. Many of us find that life does not pan out as we’ve planned. The normal life isn’t so normal. The normal life as described by Bjorkland , the co-author of The Journey of Adult Hood. She entitles the section “Variations in Successful Development. In this section she describes her own life and how she has not followed the typical adult development (359). Bjorkland, has experienced the typical life in reverse. To sum it up the author illustrates how life varies. The typical life is to usually be born; grow into childhood and adult hood, get married or gets a career, and age gracefully as life progresses. In Bjorkland’s case she married before she was 25 had 3 kids and didn’t get a Ph.D until she was about 50 (359). Aging can cause stress in a person’s life. If a person does not have resilience against aging then that person may live the long and successful life they have planned. Whatever the exact cause; or array of causes the fact remains that aging happens. Negative Effects of Aging

Many people...

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