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Aging and Disability Worksheet

Part I

Identify 2 or 3 issues faced by the aging population.

1. Discrimination
2. Health
3. Fear of Youth

Answer the following questions in 100 to 200 words each. Provide citations for all the sources you use.

What is ageism? How does ageism influence the presence of diversity in society?

Ageism involves others being prejudice or discriminating against the elderly.There is so much discrimination of different groups of people. This affects the diversity in society, because it is as though the elderly is their own group. We are not meant to be the same and we do have to eventually pass on. We should really be looking at them as an important piece of history that we have. This group makes the up and coming younger generation grow in an uncomfortable way with having to watch the elderly pass on so quickly. Our elderly numbers are growing each day and this can make their numbers higher than over groups in society.

What is the Age Discriminitation in Employment Act (ADEA)? How does the ADEA address issues for the aging population?

The Age Discrimination in Employment Act or ADEA for short is an act in place to prevent employees from ages 40 and above from being fired so they could be replaced by younger individuals for a lower amount of income. This act was passed in 1968. This act helps keep income ongoing for the older generations retirement. It addresses the issue of poverty that our society is continuously going through. When this generations has the chance to retire since they have worked all those years in a company it gives them a peace of mind from the stress of life and potentially help them to live longer.

What is being done to address the issues you identified?

The biggest item that needs to be changed that I would have to say is going to be the poverty issue. Poverty is an issue that has developed where people have hard times trying to survive whether in health or financially. This issue is being addressed, because you have government programs that are in place now. They still have their issues but at least they are in place. These programs include; Section 8 Housing, Medicare, and SNAP benefits. Although you do not have to be an elder to qualify for all of these government-funded programs they are helpful in our society.

Is the number of aging population expected to rise in numbers or decrease?

The aging population is a growing number each day. Looking at statistics the number of 65 and older is expected to increase from 2010 to 2030 to over 75 percent. We are looking at over 69 million here from what the statistics are showing. That is quite a huge rise from where it is at this point in time. Statistics show that between 2030 to 2050 the numbers are going to raise another 14 percent with will raise this number to over 79 million individuals who are in that range. The numbers are definitely increasing here and will always do so.

What types of legislation may or may not be affected by the aging population?

The legislation that may or may not be affected by the aging population is the anti-discrimination legislation. This legislation will see that changes may need to be done to our retirement and plans. In doing so the number of elderly people that do volunteer work in the community will potentially go down. With this change in our population health care will be needed at higher numbers and that also includes medical care for our elderly. The younger generation may not be at that point of having the capability to do that for the aging community and that creates a problem for the future.

How does poverty affect the aging population?

Poverty affects the aging population in a huge way. With poverty means that those that are older in that sense are unable to finds jobs and money becomes slim causing homelessness and up to even death. This knocks that part of our population down by...

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