Topics: Old age, Baby boomer, Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 Pages: 3 (880 words) Published: January 13, 2013
Aging & Disabilities

1. What are the top 2-3 issues faced by the aging population and what is being done to address the issues you identified? The first issue that the aging population must deal with is the baby boomer population, and the way that will affect everyone of that era. Will there be enough money from SSI? How will everyone be taken care of if not, is there enough room in homes, and senior centers for the aging baby boomers? These are all questions we must ask, another point that goes along with the baby boomer era, is that of retirement and saving for it. Retirement and old age is something everyone must plan for, I’m wondering how well these baby boomers have prepared. Although that really is not an issue that the community or society needs to address, unless maybe giving the opportunity to take a class for retirement saving help etc. Second issue would be the workforce issues; some older people are discriminated against because of their age, or lack of ability to perform as well or as quickly as the younger generation. There should be laws enforced that states age cannot disqualify someone from a job, and if there is discrimination because of the ageism, there must be fines and penalties. And the third issue that effects the aging population is that of resources for them, senior centers, classes, exercise etc. As a society and nation we should be making sure our elderly population is well cared for, isn’t that what we would want when were that age? Giving resources through the community center, which offers an array of options to only the elderly community.

2. How have people with disabilities been treated in the past and how has the attitude toward people with disabilities changed over time? People with disabilities have had a really hard time in the past, and I think still sometimes in the present time. Typically I have seen discrimination against children with disabilities, kids can be so mean to someone who is different from...

References: Schaefer, R.T. (2012). Racial and Ethnic Groups, (13TH ed) Published by Merrill Prentice Hall. Copyright © 2012 by Pearson Education, Inc.
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