Ageing problem in China

Topics: Ageing, Health care, Gerontology Pages: 3 (997 words) Published: August 31, 2014
The second half of the 20 century, human beings has experienced the most rapid population ageing population process, especially in developed countries. Meanwhile, China followed the step to get in an ageing society with weak economic strength and an imperfect system which have significant impact in economy and society. In addition, the current old-age security, health care institutions and traditional management system have not kept pace with the development of old age boom, so that China’s government should take a series of measures to encourage people to prepare for old age.

The United Nations believe that if the old people in a country over the age of 60 are more than 10 percent or over 65years old of population for more than 7percent of the total number, then it is already belongs to an ageing population country. This problem is generated by population age structure, while the change depends on three factors: births, deaths and migration. The most important element determining the ageing population is the decline of fertility rate.[1] So far, in our country there are 144 million of classified old people, making 11percent population in total, and increasing at 3percent average annual rate. It is predicted that by 2020 China’s elderly population will reach 248million, accounting for 17.2percent in total, and after 2050, the data will jump to 30percent, getting into severe ageing stage. The ageing levels rise from 10percent to 30percent in just less than 50years, while Britain, France, the United States and other western industrialized countries of will take roughly 100years. [2] As a developing country with a large population, this rate is indeed staggering.

Ageing population is the product related to national economy, politics, culture and many other fields. It concerns the people’s livelihood and national sustainable development strategies of major social issue. In this paper I will discuss two main impacts related in economy and the whole...
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