Aged Care

Topics: Retirement, Ageing, Old age Pages: 2 (723 words) Published: August 25, 2013
Researching Community and Detailed Investigation- Aged
Access to Resources for the AGE
Socioeconomic status- Limited money can affect the aged on accessing resources required for them. Aged individuals are more at risk of their health and things like therapy is too expensive or they can’t get the right treatment because they aren’t able to pay it for by Medicare. They may have a limited financial budget which is affecting the resources they have and can’t get. Financial planning is one great way to keep your money on track as an aged person. They can get help with this through a financial planner. They can also have access to an aged pension if qualified, as it is an income support payment that helps give older people a sufficient standard of living in retirement. Part time work may also be an option to help with financial issues if they aren’t retired and are capable of working. Location- Where a person lives will influence his or her ability to access resources, as the aged get older they may find it more difficult to look after themselves living in their own homes. So they may consider moving into residential care in an aged care home, with family or somewhere closer to be able to access easy transport to get them places if they are no longer capable to drive. Though this still could be a difficult decision as it generally concerns everyone involved with that aged person, so it’s important to look at all the options. It’s important for the aged to live in a safe local environment, not far from things like the shops, doctors or even a bus stop so if they had to walk to places they could access public transport to make it easier. Though if the aged person did decided to live in their own home they can still get access to things like aged care to help aged people within the community feel safe in their homes. These may include things like domestic assistance, home maintenance and modification, personal care, delivered meals and nursing care. The aged people...
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