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Topics: Gerontology, Old age, Middle age Pages: 2 (463 words) Published: May 25, 2015
Elderly people have always been a fragile social group. Because of their age, they are usually targeted and end up being alienated and detached from everyday projects, as some support that they are incompetent of performing them sufficiently. An example of such discrimination is a recent proposal stating that there should be a maximum age limit for licensed drivers. This issue has created heated debates as both of the opposing sides provide accurate and substantial arguments to support and justify their position. Therefore, a big question is raised. Is this truly a case of discrimination towards elderly or another way for diminishing the risks of accidents? Those who are in favor of that proposal strongly support that elderly, after a certain age, may be very dangerous to drive. They base this assumption on the delicate age at which old people are. It is natural that senses deteriorate while getting older, therefore it is a great risk to trust an old person with a car. According to a NHTSA study of FARS (Fatal Accident Reporting System), they highlight that many accidents have happened during the last twenty years because of the side effects of old age. Furthermore, they claim that senior citizens are more likely to have a health seizure unexpectedly than any other social group. A heart attack or a stroke may arise suddenly to an old individual and consequently, many lives, including his or her own, may be in danger. On the other hand, the opposing side supports that age cannot determine ability or inability, since people as well as their senses age differently. They also argue that bad driving is not exclusively related to age because, nowadays, it is the youth that is mainly responsible for all this mayhem. They further strengthen their argument by making reference to the NIH (National Institute of Health) and David Hanson, professor of Sociology of the State University of New York. According to these sources, car accidents...
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