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Advertising is presentation of some products by means of television, newspaper, radio, billboards, magazines,internet and films in order to increase their sales. The main objectives of advertising are; increasing the usage of a certain product, creating new customers and increasing brand recognition, to obtain feedback from customers regarding a certain product and to indicate introduction of new products. However it has both some advantages and disadvantages. We search the prices of products before shopping and we generally try to get the cheapest product with same quality. At this point advertisements help us by giving information about markets. They also give information to us about properties of products. Advertising facilitates a noticeable increase in the sale of the product. It thus reduces per unit cost of the product and help the businesses to earn profits. In addition, advertising increases sales, employment and profits. The overall effect of all this is economic progress for the nation, or more broadly for the world as a whole. On the other hand, it has some disadvantages. First of all, people are influenced by them badly especially children and teenagers. For instance, big companies always use beautiful girls on their commercials so, children and teenagers want to be as beautiful as these girls. In addition, advertisements force people to buy new products even though they don’t need. By this way they waste much money and their budget is also damaged by them. The main goals of advertisements are inform people by introducing new products and provide benefits for producers. However it has some advantages and disadvantages. At this point people should try to provide benefits from them. They shouldn’t gravitate and they should choose the most suitable one for our budget in advertised products.

The advantages and disadvantages of advertising.
In the open- market economy, wars among companies or corporation are becoming sharper and sharper. Goods and services are available in the market, which makes customers puzzle to choose. At that time, advertising was born to do its duty in sale.It has both advantages and disadvantages. Nobody denies the positive aspects of advertising. First, advertising is informative. Through advertisements, it tells us about useful new products. They brighten life with music and colour. They increase demand, stimulate industry and keep prices down. In addition, advertising plays an important role in generating the awareness of a company and attracting customers to buy its goods. Nevertheless, advertising still has disadvantages. Large corporations do not compete with the quality or price of their products, they compete through their advertising. Therefore, people are literally bombarded with ads each day from such sources as T.V, radio, newspapers and billboards. Besides, the advertising industry itself is not honest enough to tell the truth about the quality of goods, Which misleads customers to use low- quality products. On the whole, whether for or against advertising, most people would agree that some kind of watch- dog body appointed by the government or by the advertising industry itself is necessary to maintain standards of honesty an to discourage the more blatant types of misleading advertisements.

Advantages and Disadvantages of School Uniform

Pupils all around the world have worn school uniform for many years. Many schools in Japan, France, USA and Israel, oblige pupils to come to school with a uniform. Wearing school uniform has advantages and disadvantages which I will present in my composition.

On the one hand, the school uniform is very important. It is imporatant because it shows that a student belongs to a certain school. When a student wears a shirt with the school's symbol, everyone knows where the student studies, a thing which may help to create a feeling of belonging and school pride. Moreover, the school uniform saves money. Students...
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