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Topics: Adult, Retirement, Ageing Pages: 4 (1379 words) Published: May 7, 2012
Personal Perspective on Changes in Adulthood
Angela Perez
November 7, 2011
Melinda Barker, LMFT

Personal Perspective on Changes in Adulthood
Adults go through many changes throughout their adult lifespan. The types of changes adults go through in adulthood include physical, cognitive, emotional, and social changes. Whether an individual is in young adulthood, middle adulthood, or late adulthood, change is inevitable. I am in the middle adulthood stage of life, so my personal views may change as I get older. It is interesting to have an idea of some of the changes that I may face in my future. I believe that learning more about middle and late adulthood will help me be more prepared and understanding of future changes when I face them. Personal Perspective on Adulthood Changes

Young adulthood is a time of many changes from adolescence to adulthood. I do agree on the age that young adulthood starts, but I think it should be extended slightly. I think that the age of twenty-five is a little young to be considered middle adulthood. I believe that the rites of passages for adults in many theories are stereotypical to some extent. Now days people are getting married or having children at later ages than traditionally done I the past. Also, more people are going back to school in middle adulthood than ever. I believe that the retirement age is slowly starting to rise on average because people are working longer than in the past due to the instability of the economy. Changes of Activities in Adulthood

I think of young adulthood as a time of fun and a time of starting to find one’s self. Activities change from adolescence because young adults feel like they have a new found freedom. They are becoming independent adults in the world. They have the freedom to make more choices about activities, such as smoking or drinking. They also have more responsibility since they are relying on themselves more at this point in life. I think young...
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