Actual Outcomes of Paris Peace Conference

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21 Feb. 2013.

Down and Out in Paris and London

Down and out in Paris and London is the work of an elite author by name George Orwell which was published in 1933. It explains in two parts, the subject of poverty about two cities. It gives an account of his survival in Paris and his experience as a casual laborer. In his second part he tells of his life in London. This he uses the viewpoint of a tramp and what accommodation is available. This book so compelling as it is written in a way that it gives a personal touch as Orwell tells of his opinions. George Orwell visualizes how poverty can pull people together as they try to find a solution to their predicaments. He gives a picture of how people in need and of course the peasant’s takes friendship seriously. Coming together is the only way to get a solution for their almost similar issues. George Orwell in his writings addresses the needs of the poor and their issues but he uses his experience to show that poverty is not permanent.

Orwell life in the streets taught him that it’s not everybody in the street that is lazy but it’s just that their hard work is hardly rewarded. One can have beautiful plans but he never knows what lies ahead. His efforts for the first year only brought him twenty pounds and just as he had plans to save and maybe redeem himself an obstacle in form of a thief shattered his dreams. The poor have a way of sticking together and are easily moved by the experiences of the others. Orwell never became a radical but rather he took an outside position, as he probed into the environment of the workers and the poor. He was skeptical of the working class capacity in politics. Though he emphasized of middle class failure to mingle with the working class, he had a kinship attraction to the working class. He was in love with their culture and defended them as decent people defied by economic factors.

Orwell is criticized for putting more emphases on confidential social characteristics as...
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