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Big Steel Company is a manufacturing company that primarily produces fabricate steel parts for automobile industry. The company has two plants, one in Central Luzon and the other in Central Visayas with 250 full-time employees each employed. Having a large population of employee the company fails to manage their people effectively.

1. In what order should Cruz and the Big Steel Company attack this problem?

Cruz and the Big Steel Company should address this problem by involving their workers in making decision. They should therefore address firs the problem on Labor relation. As they settle this they might get suggestions and comments from employees that they can use to address the problem in waste management and other major hazards. Through bargaining with employee, they may now also examine the need of training for workers. Lastly they can address the problem on recruitment and selection of new employees or the need to hire new workers.

2. How should Cruz present them to the company president? Cruz should be objective in presenting the matters to the president. It must be presented in the manner that the president will not feel that he is directly pointed one of the reasons in the problems. She should emphasize that the company’s sake is at risk if these problems will not be addressed.

3. Why is it that there has been such dramatic turnover among Human Resource Directors at Big Steel Company?

There are different factors seen that might cause the Human Resource Directors dramatic turnover. Some of them are as follows:

In the part of the Human Resource Directors
Basing on the fact statement “Belen Cruz is the first person with a college degree to be hired by the company” we can say that the previous HR Directors lack knowledge on how to manage human resources. Considering that the company is big and has employed big number of workers there is a need to hire an HR officer that is able to manage and organize their people.

In the part of the President of the company

Many managers lack fundamental training in managing people. But, even more importantly, managers lack the values, sensitivity, and awareness needed to interact effectively all day long with people. This might so happen because it is how the president of the company acts. The president failed to know employee as people, fail to give clear direction and distrust his subordinate. The HR managers/directors leave the company because they were not valued by the top management as well.

Big Steel is one of the country’s leading Steel Industry and is composed of a northern manufacturing branch which produces fabricated steel parts for automobile industry. The company has two plants located in Central Luzon and Central Visayas respectively with 250-full time workers each. For the last two years, Big Steel has gone through four human resource directors. Belen Cruz, the new human resource director of Big Steel Company is facing major problems related to its employees’ welfare such as recruitment, safety, training and labor relations. Now, Cruz and Big Steel Company is being faced with the dilemma of which issue must be solved first and how to approach the company president knowing that he is not into government laws and labor unions. VIEWPOIINT

The dilemma of Big Steel Company is on how the organization can facilitate and extend the power of authority in Human Resources Department in terms of managing people in Central Luzon and Central Visayas Branch. One perplexing scenario that organization seizes is it has no systematic approach for recruitment and selection. Big Steel Company hires employees only through a manual dexterity test which is not applicable to the nature of jobs in the company. There is no educational qualification standard and no personal references required. The applicants’ qualification depends on the working experience and physical ability. There is no proper hazard safety policy; there is...

References: never checked | Review the positions and Job Descriptions | Job descriptions should include detailed information on all aspects of a job, including pay ranges, job tasks, reporting requirements and supervisory responsibilities. Job descriptions help job candidates to more accurately gauge their interest in different positions, and can provide insight into which applicants would be most satisfied and fully utilized in specific job roles. | Systematic recruitment and selection of employees ensures that the company hires qualified applicants that are perfect for the job |
1. | Create a new recruitment and selection process (apply systematic approach) | Developing a strategy for posting job openings is part of a systematic recruitment and selection process. With a list of ideal skills in hand, favor job posting outlets that are most likely to produce the type of candidate you are seeking.To find the ideal candidates for specific jobs, first compile a comprehensive list representing the ideal set of skills for an employee in each job. In addition to the list of minimum requirements listed in job descriptions, having a list of ideal candidate traits on hand can help to weed through a large pool of applicants and find the ones most likely to succeed in specific jobs.A systematic interview process can provide deeper insight into interested job candidates who meet the desired skills profile for a specific job. | |
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