Abuse and Neglect of the Elderly

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Abuse and neglect of the Elderly


Abuse and Neglect of the Elderly

Every year tens of thousands of elderly adults in the United States are abused in their own homes, in homes of relatives, and even in places that are responsible for their care. Some people may suspect that an elderly adult that they know are being abused physically, or emotionally by neglect or an overwhelmed caregiver or being preyed upon financially. People often see the abuse and say nothing, most are caregivers who are afraid to speak up because they think that their co-workers will retaliate, and then there are those that think that they may lose their jobs at work. There are some elderly people with adult children who also abuse them, because they can’t deal with the stress of taking care of their elderly parents, they think of them as being a burden and don’t have the time or the patience and rather not deal with them.

Abuse of the elderly is on the rise, it’s an ongoing epidemic, because people fail to notice the bruises or pain that the elderly is in and also that some realizes the signs and don’t care. Nine times out of ten if an elderly person says that they have been abuse, they have and still won’t get involved and report the crime.


1. There are 500,000 to 1000,000 reports of abuse of the elderly reported to authorities every year, the majority of which are proven to be true. According to data different states, for every case of elderly abuse reported 12, or 13 are not.

ABUSE and NEGLECT of the...

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