Abc Company

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ABC Company
Types| Pcs.|
Switch| 10|
Pc’s| 15|
Servers| 7|
Laptop| 1|
Table 1.1
ABC Company has those given item from Table 1.1 for their network. The topology was compose of 1 server switch, 3 transparent switches, 6 client switches, 15 PC’s (1st,3rdand 5th has 3 units of pc per floor) the rest has only 2 but every floor can accommodate 100 host per floor ,it has also 7 servers (1 TFTP and 6 DHCP servers in every floor) .

ABC Company Has 6 floors each floors and Department.
* First Floor – it is the receiving area or lobby. In this floor, Is has 50 Host user but ( in the topology only 3 units are given for sample )it can accommodate 100 host user. Vlan 10 is dedicated to it, is used for Guest Networks and Others. * Second Floor – Financial Department has 20 users for financial department of the company. It has also capable of having the maximum 100 host user. Only 2 PC’s are only shown on the sample topology, Vlan 20 and has DHCP servers. In this floor, 1 switch is located and it is in a Transparent mode. Switch from the 1st floor is connected in here. * Third Floor – The Management floor has 50 host users and the same with the other floor it is capable of having 100 host user but only 3 are shown and they have the Vlan 30. * Fourth Floor – Human resource Department is located and is has the crowded floor nad they Vlan 40 is dedicated for them, it has 70 personnel and every floor of the building there are HR room. One of the Transparent mode Switch is placed in here and the one from the second floor is connected in here. * Fifth Floor – Marketing Department, it has 40 room users. 3 PC’s are shown on the sample but it can accommodate 100 users even though the personnel is in the different floor they can still connect to the network it also apply on the other department. * Sixth floor – Maintenance Department, is the floor for maintaining job is located in here. The sever switch and the TFTP server...
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