701 Assessment A Managing People

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Learning Outcome 1: Role and Importance of Human Resource Management. Question 1:
Human resource management is the role within an organization that focuses on recruitment, management and providing direction for the people who work in that organization. The main purpose of the human resource management is to deal with issues related to people or employees such as compensation, hiring, performance management, organization development, safety, wellness, benefits, employee motivation, communication, administration, and training.

The human resource management department is responsible for many people related issues in an organization. Under the departments responsibilities are the following roles. The process of recruiting suitable candidates for the organization Identifying and meeting the training needs of existing staff Ensuring employees welfare and employee relations are positive Ensure the working environment is safe for employees

Raising awareness of current workplace legislation

The human resource management department covers five key roles. These are: Executive role – in this role the human resource department are considered as the specialists in the areas that involves human resources or people management. Audit role – in this capacity the human resource department will check other departments and the organization as a whole to ensure all human resource policies are being carried out in accordance with the company’s human resource policy, such as Health & Safety, Training, and Staff Appraisal. Facilitator role – in this role, the Human resource department helps and facilitates other departments to achieve goals and standards as placed out in the human resource policies of the organization. This will involve training being delivered for issues that arise in the areas relating to people management. Consultancy role – the human resource department will advice managers on how to tackle specific managing people issues professionally. Service role – in this capacity the human resource department is an information provider to raise awareness and inform departments and functional areas on changes in policy. In a strategic context, human resource management is very important because it helps to resolve the problems that affect people management programs in an organization. In every organization an employee and customers are very important. The try to listen to their employee and resolve whatever complains from them or the customer. This will help to increase the performance of the organization. Strategy human resource management also helps to improve a business performance and raise an environment of innovation and flexibility among employees.

Strategy human resource management helps about assessing the company's internal strength and weakness. This is very important as the strengths and weaknesses of the company's human resources have a direct effect on the future of the company. It also helps to check whether the expectations of the employee are addressed properly. The human resource management try to provide the right strategy that will enable the employee to work in a very safe environment and make sure those employees expectation are looked into one after the other. In addition human resource management in a strategic context helps to develop and maintain the skills among workers and it also help to motivate workers to perform their job properly and increase productions. Strategic human resource is now coming to play a very important role in today's business world. It is all about strategically managing a business's human resource in a manner that works to the overall benefit of the business. One of the major responsibilities of the human resource team is recruitment and training that is a very important part of an organization or business. The human resource manager comes up with plans and strategies for hiring right kind of people. They design criteria,...

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