3HRC Understanding Organisations and the Role of Human Resources

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Organisations’ and the role
of Human Resources
Emma Lobb

A new manager is starting in the organization shortly. You have been asked to provide a written briefing note for this new starter, so that they can gain some understanding of the organization in preparation for their start.

Unit: 3HRC
Understanding Organisations and the Role of Human Resources
Haldex Brake Products Ltd
1. Understand the purpose of an Organisation and its operating environment. 1.1. The purpose and goals of Haldex.
The purpose of Haldex is to, design develop and provide reliable and innovative solutions that improve safety, vehicle dynamics and environmental sustainability in the global commercial vehicle industry. The Haldex vision is to be the global commercial vehicle industry’s preferred choice as an innovative solution provider, with a focus on brake and air suspension products. “Mission - We are a trusted source that earns partnerships with our customers by providing superior brake and air suspension products and excellent service. Our highly skilled employees are dedicated to support our customers’ businesses and are committed to their business practices. Vision - We will contribute to our customers’ success and achieve profitable growth by providing technology that improves vehicle performance and facilitates ease of operation. This creates value for both our customers and our shareholders.” (1)

1.2. What does Haldex Produce, and what services does it offer to its customers? Product Range
Air Controls
- Air management systems
- Air suspension systems
- Electronic Braking Systems
- Tyre pressure monitoring systems
Foundation Brake
- Actuators
- Automatic Brake Adjusters
- Disc Brakes
- Electronic Lining wear sensors
Haldex produces both OEM products (Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) is a term used when one company makes a part or subsystem that is used in another company's end product) which are built into vehicles, trucks and trailers during their manufacture, and aftermarket products which can be fitted to a vehicle, truck or trailer at any point during its lifetime.

Haldex offer support to their customers throughout the lifetime of their products. They assist with fitting, maintaining and servicing of the products. Haldex even offer training to external companies and individuals on how to install, maintain and work with our products.

Main Customers
Haldex customers are leading truck, trailer and commercial vehicle manufacturers and owners. Haulage and agricultural companies and independent consumers.
1.3. External factors that impact on the business activities of Haldex. Political – legislation change may impact Haldex activities e.g. European legislation may mean that our products need to become more eco friendly. This would mean a overhaul of all our products. Leaving the EU for example would have a massive affect on the business due to trade and resources required throughout Europe.

Social – Haldex relies a lot on the social impact of the business, word of mouth and reputation of the products is vital.
Technology – technology has a huge impact on the business, technological advance can be both helpful and harmful to the business. It can help with design and manufacture of the product but it could also render some of our teams useless if for example, technological advances brought in more efficient testing facilities. Environmental – things such as weather changes have a huge impact in the business. More wet and cold weather means our products have a shorter life span and redesign of some products may be need to suit different climates in different countries. E.g. a product that works well in Sweden may not work as well in India.

Legal – new legislation with regard to road safety would impact Haldex, it would mean new design more work and possibly bigger sales of products.
2. Understand the structure, culture and functions of an...

References: (1) http://www.haldex.com/en-gb/Europe/About-Haldex/Haldex-Mission-Vision--Values/
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