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1. Kind of shoppers.
Do you like shopping? - It's usually best not to address the reader this way, and not to use second person ("you"). Everyone likes shopping but everyone has his own shopping personality.- You could just say "when he goes shopping" but this is more interesting. Actually I like shopping. Every weekend I call my friend to go shopping but in fact the hate to go out with me - I think you meant "he hates to go out with me"; be sure to proofread carefully.because I do not buy anything. Actually it is my habit whenever I go shopping.  Although, most of my friend don't buy any thing but I do not know why they like to call me miser man. - This sentence does not really belong in your essay. Don't tell a story about yourself if you are supposed to be writing a classification essay. There are three types of shopper such as intelligent shopper, impulsive shopper and window shopper when it comes to their buying habits. - If you say there are three types, do not say "such as"; that implies there are more than three. The first type of shopper, "intelligent shopper," is the best type of shopper. The intelligent shopper makes plans before going shopping.  He goes directly to buy his needs and comes back directly; he does not stay a long time in the shop.  He does not buy something that he does not need. - The next part you have already said, so delete "also he does not spend most of time in the shop." On the other hand, sometimes this kind of shopper thinks about money more than his desire.  For example, intelligent shopper sometimes likes to buy something it maybe force him in the shopping buy he will not buy it because he does not make plane for it and be scarily about the money. - This sentence does not make sense. Perhaps you meant "The intelligent shopper might be tempted to buy something that is not on his list, but worries that he will spend too much money." You can then delete the next sentence. The second type of shopper is the impulsive shopper. Actually, this type of shopper is careless about money and he buys whatever he wants. Although, he makes plans before he goesshopping, he buys anything he admires. Actually an impulsive shopper enjoys himself by buying everything to make himself happy. He does not care about money. But he loses his money by buying things he does not need. Most of the time, he feels bad about throwing his money away. This is why he is called an impulsive shopper. The last type of shopper is that one he does not buy any thing. You can call this type by silly shopper. - You have already said that you are going to talk about the window shopper; do not call it by a different name here. In fact this shopper goes for shopping more than the other shopper but he is expressing than the other when they buy. - this last phrase does not make sense. Actually- the word "actually" does not add anything to your essay; don't use it so much. the window shopper does not buy anything; he also thinks all the time about the money. Although he goes shopping and enjoys himself in the shop, he does not lose any money.  In the other hand,- The expression is "On the other hand," but it really does not fit here when he admires something, he has trouble deciding whether to buy it or not. In fact he cannot decide immediately. Therefore, the window shopper prefers hung around that go shopping and he like the money ore than any thing also. - This last part does not make sense, but I think you meant to say, "the window shopper prefers to just hang around looking at merchandise without spending any money." To sum up, there are three types of shopper: intelligent shopper, impulsive shopper and window shopper. The intelligent shopper likes to arrange his schedules when he goes shopping. Incontrast, the impulsive shopper does not think about the money; he just buys whatever he likes. Finally, there is the window shopper who goes shopping without spending any money.  Actually, I hope everyone to be an intelligent shopper. -...
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