1 Care Of The Older Person Project Bri

Topics: Old age, Retirement, Ageing Pages: 14 (986 words) Published: November 9, 2014

Care of Older Person
Health Care Support
Anne Traynor
Project LO 1 – 10 COOP
Assignment name:
Concepts of Ageing
Hand-out date:
September 2014
Submission date:
14.00 – 5/01/2015 in room B305
Integrated with:
Work book for Care of Older Person Project 2014
Assessment Criteria
1. discuss a range of age related issues to include healthy ageing, global and national demographic trends, the normal physiological and psychological processes of ageing, the social impact of ageing on older people and differing attitudes to ageing and older people 6 marks 2. analyse the roles of the health care assistant in promoting positive attitudes to ageing and of statutory and voluntary agencies in promoting the well-being of older people. 4 marks 3. examine a range of concepts and practices to include preparation for retirement and the ethnic and cultural influences on the older person 3 marks 4. explore a range of older people's needs to include physical, social, emotional, psychological, recreational, financial, environmental and spiritual needs 8 marks 5. summarise the role of the health care assistant in providing care for older people 2 marks 6. discuss the issues related to an older person with mental illness or dementia and of living with chronic illness 3 marks 7. recognise the individual needs of the dying older person and their families 2 marks 8. summarise the range of the care settings for older people and the members of the healthcare team available in each care setting 2 marks 9. explore a range of specific services that are available for older people to include education, lifelong learning, retirement/the workplace and leisure 5 marks 10. analyse current approaches towards developing quality in the provision of services for older people and their families to include standards and quality assurance 5 marks It is expected that you will type this assignment using the version available on Moodle. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have met all of the requirements as outlined in the brief for this assignment. Failure to follow the necessary and/or requested guidelines may result in loss of marks. Cavan Institute’s policies on Plagiarism and Late Submission of Work will apply to work submitted for this assessment. It is your responsibility to make copies of all work submitted. The Institute does not return assessment material to students. I confirm that I have read and understand all of the above information. I confirm that the work submitted is entirely my own work and where work other than my own has been used this has been acknowledged. Signed: ____________________________________Date:_____________________

Using Research as directed the student should complete the following work book. Learning Outcome 1 (6 Marks) Using research identify what is meant by healthy ageing, giving examples of two body system outline the normal physiological processes of ageing,

Using research and examples outline the normal psychological (mental health/cognitive) of ageing

Using research discuss...
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