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Activity 1.4 - Module 1 Case Study


Module 1 Case Study

Part 1

Read Application Case 1-1 The Human Resource Manager and Managing Multiple Responsibilities on pages 22-25 in the text. Analyze the case and thoroughly answer the three questions at the end of the case.

1. Human resource management consists of numerous activities. What areas were illustrated by Sam’s schedule on this particular day?

Problem employees- new hire didn’t show
Payroll and information management- raises didn’t show up because they weren’t entered properly Union- grievance issues and terminations
Human resources- applicants responding to ads
Benefits- discussing insurance packages
Public relations- boy scouts selling ad space
(Konopaske & Ivancevich, 2012, p. 22-25)

2. List the areas of ineffective management and time-robbers that are affecting Sam.

Sam is having issues controlling the flow of work throughout the day. First he needs to have his own office and delegate minor work to other employees like opening mail and dealing with the Boy Scouts. He also needs to implement an appointment systems or a 48 hour turn around on HR issues unless it’s an emergency. If he had these things accomplished he would have more structure in his day. (Konopaske & Ivancevich, 2012, p. 22-25)

3. Discuss Sam’s career progress. Is he now promotable?

As things currently stand Sam is struggle to manage his current responsibilities and I would not recommended putting more on his plate till he proves he can accomplish his current work. Therefore I feel he is not promotable. (Konopaske & Ivancevich, 2012, p. 22-25)


Konopaske, Robert & Ivancevich, John (2012-07-01). Human Resource Management, 12th edition. McGraw-Hill Higher Education.

References: Konopaske, Robert & Ivancevich, John (2012-07-01). Human Resource Management, 12th edition. McGraw-Hill Higher Education.
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