The theme of the rising of the moon

Topics: One-act play, Deception, Socialism Pages: 2 (711 words) Published: July 31, 2014
The Rising of the Moon : Main Theme
The Rising of the Moon is a work intended by Gregory to sympathize with the socialist cause. Not only does “The Rising of the Moon” serve to reiterate the Man’s position as an escaped political prisoner, it reflects the socialist beliefs of Gregory. The Man’s parting words with the Sergeant have revolutionary undertones, “Well, good-night, comrade, and thank you. You did me a good turn to-night, and I’m obliged to you. Maybe I’ll be able to do as much for you when the small rise up and the big fall down…when we all change places at the rising of the Moon” (Gregory 57). The Man refers to the Sergeant as his “comrade,” a word often associated with socialist rhetoric. The Man’s comment “when the small rise up and the big fall down” suggests the inevitable revolution Socialists claims will take place when the proletariats (workers) would overthrow the bourgeoisie (owners). It is through the disguised man that the Sergeant is able to reveal his true self, the self of his youth. The Man says to the Sergeant, “Sergeant, I am thinking it was with the people you were, and not with the law you were, when you were a young man” (Gregory 55). The Sergeant’s true identity, like the man, was disguised. Instead of a wig and beard to disguise himself, however, he had hidden his inner self behind the law. He no longer exhibited his youthful ambitions, which before his change of heart he referred to as being, “foolish then, that time’s gone” (Gregory 55). Eventually as they converse, the Sergeant reveals his true self; he is free from the constraints of being a representative of the law. The Sergeant is able to embrace this newfound sense of compassion and thanks the Man for enlightening him. He says, “It’s a pity! It’s a pity! You deceived me! You deceived me well” (Gregory 56). Through calling the Man’s deception “well,” the Sergeant is already hinting that the conversation had changed him. That is why when the cops show...
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