The Hiring Process

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The success of a company highly depends on the production of the individuals employed. Even though, many roles in a corporation seem similar to those of other competitors, ensuring that a good candidate is able to complete and meet all or most qualifications is essential. As a Human Resource (HR) representative, it is a challenging task to be able to classify and evaluate the right person for a job position. Especially when, placing the candidate in an environment where many are well experienced or are set on a routine. However, an HR interview with a candidate does not solely depend on the relationships that are going to be built with the current personnel; the HR representative is seeking for what the company has established as the expectation for a qualified candidate. Human resource is not only a department within an organization, it is the organization, and therefore, filling the job position with someone who can fulfill the company’s expectations is critical.

The Human Resource department in the financial industry is segmented by the different tasks and roles for the hiring process. The larger the company, the more tedious the process for hiring a new employee becomes. This process is divided into sections. The first section requires an application to be submitted for the position desired. Once the application and the resume are reviewed, based on the skills and abilities of the candidate, the applicant is contacted for the second section which includes taking an assessment. With the answers of the assessment, the interview team has an idea of the applicant’s personality as well as knowledge. Today, one of the most common assessments available is the Predictive Index Assessment. With this assessment, the candidate are asked two questions where the candidate has to choose from a list of words the best answer to correspond to the questions asked. It is interesting how the assessment is set up because usually, a workplace assessment includes several...
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