Retail Location Analysis

Topics: Shopping mall, Retailing Pages: 4 (692 words) Published: March 21, 2014

1. What is the shopping mall builder/developer name?

2. Where is/are the proposed location(s) in the shopping mall? (State available floor unit numbers, and their corresponding available floor sizes)

3. What is the ratio of shop space ownership between developer and individuals?

4. What are the lease/rent quotations?

5. What is the lease length?

6. Is there a rent escalation rate? If so, what is the rate? (e.g. every 3 years?)

7. Are there any incentives provided by the developer/management?

8. What is the security deposit amount? (e.g. 6 months' gross rental?)

9. Are there any service charges (utilities, communications etc.)? If so, how much are the charges?

10. Provide images of the shopping mall (Exterior)(attach photographs here)

11. Provide images of the shopping mall (Interior)(attach photographs here)

12. Is the shopping mall building in need of any repairs?

13. How many floors are there in the shopping mall?

14. What is the total shopping mall built-up area?

15. If our business were to expand in the future, will the shopping mall be able to accommodate this growth?

16. Do the existing utilities (lighting, air conditioning etc.) in the proposed location(s) meet the needs, or is rewiring required?

17. Is the ventilation in the proposed location(s) adequate?

18. What is the average footfall? (State for both Weekdays and Weekends)

19. Are there any other shopping malls in the vicinity? If so, state the names and addresses.

20. Are there any neighbouring traffic generators? (schools, offices, industrial areas)

21. Is the shopping mall located in an area zoned for our type of business?

22. Is the shopping mall located near large roads/highways that can improve accessibility?

23. Are there any brands of consumer durables within the...
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