Post 17th Century European History Notes

Topics: Karl Marx, Marxism, Communism Pages: 3 (452 words) Published: April 24, 2013
HIS 105 Exam 3

I. Multiple Choice
Mark the item that best answers the question.

According to romantic nationalism,

b. peoples had the right of self-government because they were of the same ethnicity and had a shared language and history.

European liberals tended to be:

d. educated middle-class professionals.

Conservatives in Europe advocated:

a. monarchies, landed aristocracies, and established churches.

Charles X of France issued the Four Ordinances:

b. in an effort to completely undo the French Revolution.

5. The Haitian slave revolt slave revolt led by Toussaint L’Ouverture:

c. led to the independence of Haiti.

The Europe-wide revolutions of 1848:

d. all failed.

Classical economists such as Malthus and Ricardo:

a. believed generally in laissez-faire and were pessimistic about the working class.

Italian nationalists:

a. were divided over whether Italy should be a monarchy or republic.

9. The Crimean War:
a. began Russia’s gradual decline in actual political power and influence.

10. Otto von Bismarck:

c. mastered Realpolitik, an influential style of pragmatic power politics.

11. Austrian military defeats and the power of Prussia forced Emperor Franz

c. to form the Dual Monarchy with Hungary.

12. The British Education Act of 1870:

c. created the first national system of schools.

II. Short Answer
Choose two of the following questions. Your answer should be approximately one paragraph.

What was Chartism?
A working class movement for reform in Britian. The workers were looking for social reform. A petition was rejected in 1848 which brought a end to the movement.

Why did European states create police forces in the nineteenth century? The european states were fearful of future chaos and social unrest. The population was growing and as it did, so did the crime rate. Police forces were created to provide security and justice.

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