opponents of tsar

Topics: Marxism, Socialism, Vladimir Lenin Pages: 4 (725 words) Published: October 12, 2013
What groups opposed tsar
Who made up the opposition
What were the aims of the opposition
Some turned to terrorism – peoples will
Ides that peasants based revolution was unrealistic – peasants weren’t interested in politics Middle and upper class people- believed it was their duty to educate the uninformed peasants into revolution. Policy on ‘going to the people’ educated populist went to the peasants in country side in attempt to turn them into revolutionaries. Future of Russia handed over to peasant that made up mass population Over throw the tsar system

Widen the concept of the ‘people’ so it included not just peasants but all those in society that had reason to end Tsardom Social revolutionaries (SR)
-Leader- Chenov
-SR were weakened by the disagreement among each other so it lead to 2 different competing groups. right SR and left SR - SR were responsible for 2000 assassination

RSR- moderate members – believed in revolution. prepared to work with other parties to improve conditions of workers and peasants


1906 SR experienced support from the professional classes, trade unions and all Russian union of peasants RSR- believed in revolution
LSR- continue policy of terrorism gained from ‘people’s will’

SR- committed to ‘revolutionary socialism’ (change could only be achieved through violence and overthrow of government) and it would end the policy of private ownership by returning the land to those who worked it. land policy made them popular – peasants

LSR- argues policy ignored industrial workers
RSR- argued policy was unworkable in current conditions.

Social democrats

The Social Democratic party was a Marxist party

The SD split into Bolsheviks and Mensheviks
Industrial Workers
Plekhanov – promoted the idea of proletarian revolution- leader of SD. Members soon became impatient with Plekhanov because they wanted active revolutionary programme. The spokesman for this viewpoint was Lenin. Lenin...
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