National Plan for Older Person

Topics: Gerontology, Retirement, Sociology Pages: 126 (16132 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Government of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia

National Plan of Action on older persons
(1998 - 2007)E.C

Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs

June 2006 Addis Ababa

The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs expresses its deep gratitude to HelpAge International-

Ethiopia office for its financial contribution and technical support to prepare this Plan of Action of Older Persons and translate into English language. MOLSA would also like to extend its thanks to the Federal Ministries and Regional Labour and Social Affairs offices that have provided the necessary data regarding their respective area of works. We are also indebted to all participants at the review meetings who contributed valuable comments and

input for further enrichment. Finally, thanks must also go to the plan of action committee who were drawn from the Ministry of

Labour and Social Affairs, Ethiopian Elderly and Pensioners Authority National and Association, Social Security in which



without their unreserved interest and efforts, this work would never have been possible.

Objectives of the Plan of Action
Expand and strengthen services for the older persons based on community participation. Encourage the participation of older persons to make use of their accumulated knowledge and rich experience in bridging about development. Give attention to the rights and needs of older persons to make them part of the country's development plans and poverty reduction strategy. Identify the issues of older persons and work on them by listing specific objectives and activities. Co-ordinate concerned government and nongovernment organizations so as to enable them contribute their participation in realizing the objectives of the plan of action. Facilitate conditions to link the issues of Ethiopian older persons with international efforts to eventually gain cooperation and support.

Any comment about following address.








Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs Rehabilitation Affairs Department 2056 Addis Ababa 011-553-79-70 Fax 251-551-83-96 (551-53-16) E-mail comp@ telecom. net. et

AIDS AU AUPFPAOP BMI BOLSA BPR CSA CSRP DSWP GO HIV HIV/AIDS IDOP ILO IM MDG MIPAOP MOLSA NGO NTF OP OVC UNDC/HIV/AIDS Human Immuno Deficiency Syndrome African Union African Union Older Persons Body Mass Index Bureau of Labor and Social Affairs Business Processing Reengineering Central Statistical Authority Civil Service Reform program Developmental Social Welfare Policy Government Organization Human Immunity Virus HIV/AIDS Sectariat International Day of Older Persons International Labor Organization Implementation Manual Millennium Development Goal Madrid International Plan of Action on Older Persons Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs Non Governmental Organizations National Task Force Older Persons Orphan and Vulnerable Children United Nations Declaration of Commitments on HIV/AIDS Policy Frame and Plan of Action on

Table of Contents

Foreword Chapter 1. Introduction

Page 1

1.1. General situation of older persons------------ 4 1.2. Need for the plan of action ------------------ 7 1.3. Objectives the plan of action ---------------- 7

Chapter 2. Priority Direction of the Plan of Action 9 2.1. Developmental aspect of ageing ----------------10 2.2. Humanitarian aspect of ageing -----------------10

Chapter 3. Overall Strategies of the Plan of Action Plan
3.1. Research ------------------------------------- 13 3.2. Data collection------------------------------- 14 3.3. Advocacy and Awareness Raising --------------- 15 3.4. Implementation Capacity----------------------- 16 3.5. Co-ordination -------------------------------- 17 3.6. Monitoring and Evaluation--------------------- 18 Chapter 4. National Plan of Action on Older Persons /1998-2007/ Key issues and activities 19 4.1. Issue No. 1. Health and well-being-------------19...
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