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Topics: Tang Dynasty, Roman Empire, China Pages: 16 (3224 words) Published: February 12, 2013
38. A society is almost certainly a civilization if..
It is agricultural

39. The Neolithic Revolution occurred first in
The middle east

40. Which of the following is not a feature of Sumerian Civilization? A simplified alphabet of 22 letters

42. Jewish monotheism..
- emphasized the power and abstraction of God

43. the development of writing..
- helps explain why government could become more formal and bureaucratic

44. the "son of heaven" concept was designed to promote all of the following EXCEPT…
- priest's total control of the state

45. one difference between classical civilizations and river-valley civilizations was that in classical civilizations..
- political organizations were more elaborate

46. one difference between classical China and the earlier Hwang Ho river-valley civilization was that in classical China
- religious sacrifices were suppressed.

47. the Qin dynasty differed from the Zhou in that…
- it was more centralized

48. Chinese views or nature emphasized…
- harmony and balance

49. A "dynasty" in Chinese history was..
- a family that passed the imperial title from generation to generation

50. Which of the following was a Confucian belief…
- a good society has a firm patrilineal hierarchy

51. one of China's key economic strengths was
- high levels of technological innovation

52. the Chinese government accepted Daoism for all of the following reasons EXCEPT
- Daoists believed that nobles were holier than peasants

53. Daoists would disagree with Confucianists on all of the following EXCEPT
- the importance of political activity

54. Chinese art featured
- careful craftsmanship and detail work

55. Confucian and Hindu values both
- Helped justify and preserve social inequality.

56. In the classical period, both china and india
- showed considerable tolerance for different religions

In contrast to china, the social values that developed in classical India
- encouraged greater emotional spontaneity

Compared to china, India..
- had greater contact with other societies and civilizations

57. Hinduism urged that
- all living creatures participated in the divine essence

58. Buddhism differed from Hinduism by not believing
- in the caste system

59. "Nirvana" meant
- full union with the divine essence

60. The indian caste system served to an extent as a political institution by
- enforcing rules about social behavior

61. India’s political tradition..
- Stressed the importance of regional and local units

62. The Aryan conquerors brought to india..
- distinctive religious ideas

63. The mauryan dynasty differed from the gupta dynasty in that..
- it ruled a larger territory

64.From a confucian viewpoint, the Roman Empire might have been criticized for placing to much confidence in..
-Laws rather than trained officials
65. Greek politics resembled indian politics in..
-the tendency of regional fragmentation/ the use of military rulers
66. Republican Romans and democratic Athenians would have agreed that all of the following were politically important EXCEPT.. - proper worship of the gods.

67. )Both rome and the ancient greeks depended on slavery. one result of this was
- both groups lagged in technological advances when compared to the chinese or the indians.

Roman slaves were used for all of the following EXCEPT…
-household care and tutoring

68. the Senate of republican Rome particularly represented
- the landed aristocracy

69. the Socratic method emphasized the importance of..
- questioning
70. If the greek genius was politics, the roman genius was
- engineering

71. Greek and Roman agriculture
- tended to develop large, commercial estates

72. Compared to modern american ideas about democracy, athenian democracy was distinctive in
- Urging that all citizens participate directly in lawmaking and policymaking

73. Compared...
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