Marketing Key Terms

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Exam 2 Key Terms


TRADE AREA- geographic are that incompasses most of the customrs who would patronize specific retail site. FREESTANDING SITE- indivisual isolated store unconnected to other retailers. OUTPARCELS- not connect to other stores in a shopping center but located on the premaces. CENTRAL BUSINESS DISTRICT- traditional downtown business are in city or town. MAIN STREET- shopping area in smaller town or to a secondary business district in suburb or within a larger city. INNER CITY- high density urban. Higher unemployment and lower median income. SHOPPING CENTER- a group of retail or other establishments that are planned, developed, owned and managed as a single property. NEIGHBORHOOD CENTER- strip shopping centers: attached rows of non enclosed stored with on site parking infront of store. COMMUNITY STRIP SHOPPING CENTER- same

POWER CENTER- consists of collection of big box retail stores. (lowes, staples, barnes and nobles) SHOPPING MALL- enclosed climate controlled lighted – FUCKING MALL LIFESTYLE CENTER- open air configuration of specialty sotres. MIXED USE DEVELOPMENT- (retail, office, residential, hotel, recreation) OUTLET CENTERS- outlet malls

POP-UP STORES- temp locations for limited or new products


METROPOLITAN STATISTICAL AREA- 50,000 or more inhabitants
TRAFFIC FLOW- number of vehicles and pedistrians that pass by site. ACCESSIBILITY-ease in and out of site
NATURAL BARRIERS- rivers or mountains
ARTIFICIAL BARRIERS- railroad tracks etc
CONGESTION- traffic results in customer delays
VISIBILITY- see store from street
CUMULATIVE ATTRACTION- stores that attract same consumers. Locations with complimentsry , competing adjacent retailers that have potential to build traffic. TRADE AREA – area that accounts for majority of a stores sales and customers PRIMARY TRADING AREA- 50-70% of customers

FRINGE - same
PARASITE STORE – doesn’t create own traffic and trade area is determined by dominant retailer in shopping center (dry cleaner to walmart store) CENSUS- population count
GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION SYSTEM- store retrieve and map and analyze geographic data PERCENTAGE LEASE- rent based on % of sales
FIXED RATE LEASE- fixed amount a month for life of lease

CH. 9

EMPLOYEE PRODUCTIVITY- retailer sale or profit divided by number of employees EMPLOYEE TURNOVER- number of employees leaving job/ number of positions ORGANIZATION STRUCTURE- activites to be performed by specific employees and determines authority and responsibility in the firm. SPECIALIZATION- employees responsible for 1 or 2 tasks

BUYER- handles advert and slection and inventory managegment MERCHANDISING PLANNER- aloocate merch and tailor assortment of catergories of specific stores in geographic area CENTRALIZATION- when authority for retail decisions in delegated to corporate manager DECENTRALIZATION- assigned to lower levels

ORGANIZATION CULTURE- values of a firm that guides employee behavior EMPOWERMEN- procees where managers share power and decision making authority with employees. FLEXTIME – scheduling system to be able o choose time to work JOB SHARING – two employees voluntarily responsible for job held by another person GLASS CEILING- invisible barrier making difficult for growth in minorities and women. ILLEGAL DISCRIMINATION- members of a protected class treated unfairly. PROTECTED CLASS- group of individuals that share common characteristics as defined by the law DISTRIBUTIVE JUSTICE- hen 0utcome received are viewed as fair with respect of the outcomes received by others. PROCEDURAL JUSTICE- based on fairness of process used to determine the outcome.

CH. 10

SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT- set of activites and teqhniques to manage flow of merch from vendors to retail customers. STOCKOUT- SKU is not available
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