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Assessment 2
Assessment 2
Developing a Human Resources Plan


1. The Types of Matters in a Human Resource Plan

Human resources is directly related to the performance of the organisation identifying and planning for training can be linked to many corporate processes performance as the underlying basis of many organisational and human resources programs.

1.1 Some matters of the human resource and their solutions

1.1.1 Human resource issues in counsel and the possible solution Counselling is definitely one service that can help to manage themselves manager should be trained in same basic counselling skills a counsellor can in sever age core capacities of employees. It can help employees increase their self-awareness regarding their thinking patterns and behavioural tendencies. 1.1.2 Human resource issues in employment management and the possible solution The sources of training need provide a diversity and complexity of training requirements to be at practice level you should be managing coordinating the training necessary to satisfy all the needs all the personnel in training should be skilled. 1.1.3 Human resource issues in Administration and the possible solution Recruitment is another traditional area high quality candidate’s should be attracted to the positions the person and position requirements should clearly established. A variety of selection methods appropriate to the situation should be used like entrance tests an interview. 1.1.4 Human resource issues in training and the possible solution Administration is function of human resource management is to be provide the employees with the capability to manage healthcare, record, keeping, promotion, benefits etc. the function in terms of employes benefit is to create management system to achieve long term goals plans it requires the exercise of analytic ability and application of substantial knowledge of principals.

2. Job Description of Human Resource Plan

Duties and Responsibilities;
* Recruiting and staffing logistics
* Performance management and improvement tracking system
* Record keeping
* Assisting with employees relationship
* Employee safety and so many-
prepare sales action plans and schedules
assist, develop and maintain sales and promotional materials make sales calls to new and existing clients
assist, develop and make presentations of company products and services to current and potential clients negotiate with clients
maintain sales activity records and reports
ensure customer service satisfaction and good client relationships follow up on sales activity
assist, conduct market research and surveys

Skills and Abilities;
Excellent computer skills including word and excel
Effective oral and written communications skills
knowledge of employment laws
good interpersonal skills
skills in database management
Be ready and able to work within a team.
Have a polite, helpful manner
Education bachelor degree
Experience 1 or 2 years of general business

3. Preparing a Job Advertisement

A job advertisement should be contained various information these can include; Job title
Working area, place
Working hours
Skills, knowledge and attitude we needed
Qualifications and experience we needed
Contact name and number of someone who is from our Human Resource Department. 3.1 Job Advertisement for tycoon Company
Tycoon Trading Company Sales Department;

Salary: $ 55.000 annual

Working hours: 9:00 am-5:00 pm (Monday to Friday)

Our company is located in western suburb close to city and all public transport. As a small business company we are looking for an intellectual, a creative, qualified and at least two years sales experienced person who must use all office programs professionally especially MS Excel, provide good communication with customers and also must assist to someone else about one of our new product in our company. A...
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