Is Television a Good or Bad Influence on Society?

Topics: Old age, Television, Gerontology Pages: 2 (704 words) Published: September 29, 2012
Is television a good or bad influence on society?
A major issue now facing members of the public is television. Is it good or is it bad? Well television is in my opinion very good. For starters it is very cheap all you pay is the one off payment for the television and your TV licence every month. For the price you pay you receive a lot of information and entertainment for the whole family. Television keeps the children busy when you may want a bit of peace and quiet, whilst teaching them at the same time through educational programmes. Television also helps to develop the child's mind by showing them lots of different things and what not to do. Television provides lots of educational programmes for young people to learn and because there is picture people can get an interactive tour into whatever they are studying. It provides vital facts in all subjects such as, science, general knowledge and it even shows you how to make and do things you may not have been able to do before. TV is very informative and from it we can learn what is going on throughout the whole world via the news. There are current affairs programmes and we can then therefore know where we stand in the world with regards to politics and our rights. Since the introduction of TV many years ago the world has become a much smaller place then previously because people are now so well informed because of TV. It can also take people that may have disabilities who may never see the world into an interactive tour of the whole world and what goes on within different parts. In broadens other knowledge on other cultures all over the world and encourages us the respect other peoples cultures as they respect ours. Television is good company to the elderly. It gives them something to look forward to during the day, for instance their favourite soap at 7 o'clock. It gives elderly people a sense that someone is with them and makes them feel comfortable and not alone. It is very enjoyable to elderly people who...
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