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Topics: Marxism, Social class, Working class Pages: 2 (690 words) Published: September 28, 2014
The Hunger Games Marxist Critique

What Is A Marxist Critique? A Marxist critique follows how the philosophy of Marxism coincides with the plot of a novel. Marxism focuses on the struggle between the rich (owning class) and middle classes (the bourgeoisie), and the working class (the proletariat). It states that the only way real equality can be achieved is through violent revolution and the sharing of all goods. Marxism focuses on the industrial worker's struggle. What Do I Look For? Look for any struggles between the rich and the poor, any kind of inequality, the use of religion controlling a population, and the idea that people need to help one another to survive. Rich Versus Poor. The Rich: Both the "Owning Class" and the "Bourgeoisie" in the book are represented by the Capitol. The Capitol has an overabundance of food and technology, with a small population and size when compared to the districts. This shows an inequality between the two societies. The Poor In the book, the proletariat is represented by the various Districts surrounding the Capitol. The districts are starved, oppressed, must give all goods to the Capitol, and are treated as if they were serfs. The societies also are closer to nature, and have less of an access to technology than the Capitol. The Continuous Revolution: The two opposing forces, the bourgeoisie and the proletariat, both go against one another, and over time, Katniss realizes that for there to be a better life for those around her, she must work towards a revolution to overthrow the Capitol, which coincides with Marxist thinking. Pre-Maoist Society in the Book Maoism is a type of Marxist thought that focuses on making a farming community, and not a factory community, equal. In the book, the districts are ruled like how the Chinese Empire was ruled, with governors presiding over specific areas and controlling all means of production and uses of output. In the book, the same is done, with the districts extracting raw materials...
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