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Topics: Human resource management, Employment, Human resources Pages: 8 (1621 words) Published: February 9, 2013
Material on Test 1: Ch 1-4

1. In class we defined ____ as decisions, policies, practices, and systems about the employment relationship that influences employees’ attitudes, behaviors ad performances. a) HRM
b) Human Capital
c) Training & Developments
d) Employee Performance
2. If one were hiring an individual to handout towels in a women’s locker room, being a women might be a bona fide occupational qualification (BFOQ). a) True b) False
3. If a women & man are both performing the job of executive assistant & both have similar seniority and performance. However, the woman is paid less than the man. Which would she most likely pursue a claim under? a. Reconstruction Civil Rights Act

b. Equal Pay Act
c. Title VII of CRA
d. Vocational Rehabilitation act
4. Strategic HRM is considered with all except
e. Integrating the HRM with strategy and strategic needs of organization f. Applying HR policies consistently across the hierarchy and across HR functions g. Ensuring the adjustment, acceptance, and implementation of HR practices by all managers and employees h. All of the above

5. Ch.1 discussed the skills of HRM professionals they were creative activist, personnel administration, policy writer, recruiter and operational executor. i. True b) False
6. Which of the following refers to a list of tasks, duties, and responsibilities that a job entails. j. Job specification
k. Job description
l. Job standardization
m. Job design
7. Which of the following is not one of the basic standards for ethical behavior? n. Greatest good for greatest number
o. Treat employees fair and equitable
p. Respect for basic human rights
q. All of the above are ethical behaviors
8. Which of the following is NOT going to be HRM issue of concern to employers in the US Labor force from 2006-2016? r. An aging workforce
s. A diverse workforce
t. Skill deficiencies
u. A higher% of workers between age 25-54
9. Ensuring that knowledge workers will share info and store it so that it is easily retrieved by others is the concern of which of the following HR activities? v. Teamwork
w. Employee Empowerment
x. Knowledge Management
y. Employee Selection
10. Sharon is a very smart and conscientious worker. Lately, she has felt that her ideas were disregarded and she was derived autonomy in completing her work. This situation is probably caused by a lack of? z. Employee Empowerment

{. Knowledge Management
|. Teamwork
}. Reengineering
11. A description of what an employee expects to contribute in an employment relationship and what the employer will provide the employee in exchange for ~. Flexible contract
. Psychological contract
. Flexible work schedule
. Legal contract
12. An internal Labor force is?
. All the ppl willing and able to work
. All of the organization’s employees and the ppl who have contracts to work at the organization . Comprised of individuals who are actively seeking employment . The top management team

13. Which of the following is NOT one of the challenges organizations face with regard to the aging workforce? . Older experienced workers tend to cost more
. Workers from every generation have different values and needs which employers have to adapt to . Older workers tend to make more mistakes and as a result have lower performance 14. One trend in the US organizations is the expansion into global markets. As they are increasingly developing global markets, they are hiring from an international labor pool and preparing these employees for global assignments. Employees from the US who work for the US organizations abroad are called. . Expatriates

. 3rd country nationals...
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