Human Resource Management Notes

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Human Resource Management Notes #1
A. Management vs. Leadership:

Planning and Budgeting * What do we need? * How much time/money?| Establishing Direction: * What do you see? * What’s your vision?|
Organizing/Staffing * Hiring the right people * Or delegating tasks | Aligning People: * Target followers * Share ideas/vision| Controlling and Problem-Solving * Keeping things working * Or addressing Issues| Motivating and Inspiring * Convince others * Get them on board| Maintain Predictability and Order * Monitor progress * Achieve results| Produce Change * End Result|

B. We watched the video and took notes on the idiosyncratic conductor’s leadership and management style relating to his orchestras.

The Four Interpreations of Organizational Processe
HRM Notes #2

A. What is the Four Frames?
i. The Four Frames is a method developed by Lee G Bolman and Terrence E. Deal by which organizational situations are viewed. This analytical tool reveals the veiled aspects of an organization’s dynamics B. What are the Four Frames?

1. Structural Frame
2. Human Resource Frame
3. Political Frame
4. Symbolic Frame

C. Characteristics of the Four Frames:
* Structural
* Metaphor = a machine
* All about division of labor
* Delegating roles
* Involves a clear hierarchy
* Exact processes
* Setting Goals
* Human Resources
* Metaphor = a family
* Open communication
* Grow/Improve Skills
* Identify bias/limitations
* Resolve conflicts
* Informal relationships
* Political
* Metaphor = Jungle
* Competition
* Power
* Scarce resources
* Bargaining
* Advocating/forming coalition
* Symbolic
* Metaphor = Temple
* Values
* Rituals...
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