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Question 1 - Define Human resource planning (HRP)? Explain the objectives and process of HRP? Ans:

Human Resource Planning (HRP) can be defined as the method of ensuring the right number of qualified people, in the right job at the right time to bring the results in an efficient and effective manner.

HRP is a process by which an organisation ensures that it has the workforce management as per needs and they are capable of effectively and efficiently completing those tasks that help the organisation achieve its overall objectives. The process of HRP starts with understanding the organizational objectives, and translating them into a schedule of employee requirements over a period of time. Objectives of Human resource planning are:

to maintain the required quantity and quality of human resource required for an eve and well-organised functioning of the organization. •to forecast the turnover/attrition rates.
to plan to meet organizational human resource needs at the time of expansion or diversification.

Process of Human resource planning
deciding goals or objectives.
estimating future organizational structure and manpower requirements. •auditing human resources both internally and externally. •planning job requirements and job descriptions/person specifications. •building a plan.

HRP, therefore is used for determining long term needs, rather than for momentary replacement needs. it has to take into account the career planning for individual employees and succession planning in the organsation.

Steps in the human resource planning
considering the effect of organizational strategy and objectives on different units of the organisation in terms of the human resource requirement. •forecasting the manpower requirement of the organsation by involving the line managers to decide and finalise the human resource needs of their respective department. •forecasting the quality and quantity of human resource required by each...
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