Topics: House of Saud, Hong Xiuquan, Taiping Heavenly Kingdom Pages: 3 (513 words) Published: August 11, 2012
1. The “alternative” visions of the nineteenth century all sought to Oppose authority and protect local community.
Feedback/Reference: See pp. 600-601

2. The Wahhabi Movement sought to institute pure Islam and challenge The Ottoman Empire.
Feedback/Reference: See p. 604

3. Allied to Wahhabi Movement leaders was the Najdian House of Saud of The Arabian Peninsula.
Feedback/Reference: See p. 604

4. Which of the following did Shaka not use in his command of the Zulus? Mercy
Feedback/Reference: See p. 605

5. The Taiping Rebellion of China gained momentum from all except which of the following? Government reforms aimed at relieving economic pressures by lowering taxes Feedback/Reference: See p. 608

6. Hong Xiuquan's Taiping society demonstrated all but which of the following? Free opium use
Feedback/Reference: See pp. 609-610

7. Which of the following best describes what reactionaries sought to accomplish? To reverse democracy and secular influence
Feedback/Reference: See p. 612

8. Which of the following best describes what liberals sought to accomplish? To limit state power while expanding that of the individual
Feedback/Reference: See p. 614

9. Which of the following best describes what radicals sought to accomplish? To reconstruct society economically and politically
Feedback/Reference: See p. 614

10. The materialist theory of history generated by Marx and Engels taught that what mattered was How goods were produced and how that shaped social relations. Feedback/Reference: See p. 618

11. Insurgents opposed to powerful colonizing nations generally preached a message that reflected all of the following except Strong statements of universal love and toleration.
Feedback/Reference: See pp. 618-622

12. What did Tenskwatawa advise his followers to do to rid Indian lands of the white man? Return to the traditional Indian rites and lifestyle
Feedback/Reference: See p. 619

13. Why did Mayan rebels stop their drive to rid the...
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