conditions under the tsar

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Conditions under the Tsar
Russia used to be ruled by the Tsars
Before February 1917, Russia was ruled by the Tsars and the Royal Family were the Romanovs. The Tsarist system was an autocracy (ruled by one person).
Tsar was ruled by decree, his word was law.
USSR’s Population was very diverse(variety; very different ) Russia was a multi-national and multi religious state.
Most of russias population was Russian but there were significant minorities including Ukrainians, Fins, Poles and Georgians. Most of Russians were members of the Russian Orthodox Church. A large Muslim population lived in the east of Russia.

Russia underwent Major Economic Changes between 1881 -1914
By 1881, Russia hadn’t experienced an agricultural or industrial revolution. Nicholls 2nd and 3rd tried to modernise Russia through rapid industrialisation. It strengthened Russia’s economy but caused suffering for the Russians. Living and working conditions for peasants and workers were terrible. Wages were very low and work hours were very low There was huge inequality between the rich and poor in Russia. The Bolsheviks wanted the communists should destroy other classes and class is everything. He believed that there should be only one class- the proletariat. Opposition parties began to grow in this period.

Ordinary Russians became increasingly unhappy with the Tsar – as a result opposition parties flourished (Bolsheviks Grew). Social Revolutionaries (SR) where more radical /extreme. They wanted to overthrow the Tsar by force. They used terrorism to advance their political aims. The social Democrats (SD) were a Marxist Party which followed the political beliefs of Karl Marx, the Social Democrats had members who later split off to be the Bolsheviks and the Mensheviks. Tsar used the Okhrana ( a secret police for tsars)to suppress opposition
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