Changing Nature of Human Resource Management

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Chapter 1 Changing Nature of Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management Challenges
It appears that the most prevalent challenges facing HR management are as follows: * Economic and technological change
* Occupational shifts
The fastest-growing occupations percentagewise are related to information technology or health care. The increase in the technology jobs is due to the rapid increase in the use of information technology, such as databases, system design and analysis, and desktop publishing. * Global Competition

Due to the increase in information technology, global linkages are now more extensive and production and transportation can be coordinated worldwide. Therefore, the loss of manufacturing jobs in the United States has been replaced with jobs in information technology, financial services, health care, and retail services. * Workforce availability and quality concerns

* Workforce quality deficit
There is a growing gap between the knowledge and skills required by many jobs and those possessed by employees and applicants. Several different studies and projections all point to the likelihood that employers in many industries will have difficulties obtaining sufficiently educated and trained workers. To address the skills deficiencies, HR management must do the following: * Assess more accurately the knowledge and skills of existing employees. * Make training for future jobs and skills available for employees at all levels. * Increase the usage of new training methods, such as interactive videos. * Become active partners with public school systems to aid in upgrading the knowledge and skills of high school graduates. * Growth in contingent workforce

The company sees using contingent employees as a way to stabilize the workforce. Instead of hiring regular workers when work piles up and then firing them when the work is finished, the company relies more on temporary workers and independent contractors. Productivity is measured in output per hour. Another reason for the growth in contingent workers is the reduced legal liability faced by employers. * Demographics and diversity issues

* Racial/ ethnic diversity
HR professionals must ensure that diverse groups are managed and treated equitably in organizations. Also, HR professionals will have to develop diversity-oriented training so that all employees, regardless of background and heritage, can succeed in workplaces free from discrimination and inappropriate behaviors. It also means that more attention will have to be given to recruiting, staffing, and promoting individuals without regard to their racial/ethnic heritage, so that equal employment results for all. * Aging of the workforce

HR professionals will continue to face significant staffing difficulties. Efforts to attract older workers through the use of part-time and flexible staffing will increase. Also, as more older workers with a lifetime of experience and skills retire, HR will face significant challenges in replacing them with workers having the capabilities and work ethic that characterize many older workers. * Balancing work and family

The decline of the traditional family and the increasing numbers of dual career couples and working single parents place more stress on employees to balance family and work. Organizations that do get employees to relocate often must offer employment assistance for spouses. Additionally, balancing work and family concerns has particular career implications for women, because women more than men tend to interrupt careers for child rearing. To respond to these concerns employers are facing growing pressures to provide“family-friendly” policies and benefits. * Organizational restructuring

One of the challenges that HR management faces with organizational restructuring is dealing with the human consequences of change....
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