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A Business Plan
Kaithlyn Pizza Waffle

Prepared by: Kareen May Resultay Bautista

Atty: Jesus Apuyod...CPA______________
Date: ____________

This paper is submitted as partial fulfillment of the requirements for MBA2013 subject: Entrepnuership Management 2013

Kaithlyn Pizza Waffle
Executive Summary

We are presenting you a whole new product, unknown in this place of Taguig City, at least not in the form we offer it. Right now you may think that this is going to be the same as millions of other products but what if we tell you that with a very small investment, you can make hundreds of thousands of pesos or dollars? Not possible? Well, take a few moments to go through the next pages and we assure you that at the end, you’ll be convinced!

The Product
We would like to introduce you to the pizza waffle. For almost an 18 century is an invented by the chef of the price bishop of liege as an adaption of brioche bread dough. If features chunks of pearl sugar that caramelizes on the outsides of the waffle when baked. Now 800 years later, they’re sold in numerous outlets all over the world, from Europe, over Asia to South America and most of all in the Philippines. And when you think about it, that’s not even so surprising…….. Brand Name

The waffles are called Kaithlyn Pizza Waffle because in the contrast everybody knows is too healthy and to other people like diet and the name of my daughter. The Kaithlyn Pizza Waffle is in fact healthy diet waffle and the other waffle product which is a total different thing. In the other country the waffle are served as breakfast but in Kaithlyn Pizza Waffle served Breakfast, luncheon and snack time and almost in dinner time together to other food. The Kaithlyn Pizza Waffle however is served on its own, possibly with toppings but nothing else. So because it’s Kaithlyn Pizza Waffle but made with other healthy food or bacon, cheese, ham and any kind of pizza recipe and additional the secret recipe, if combine the pizza flavor and waffle, we call this the Kaithlyn Pizza Waffle.

The location of the business will be at the mall, train station and school place in Taguig City, where there are so many people who are busy buying and just window shopping with different commodities that their areas fancy for.

Since the location of the business is very conductive for the business, especially in food business because aside from the people who are very busy in purchasing their needs, there are also in school and drivers because there are so many terminals of jeepneys,tricyle, and any kind of transportation to all in Taguig City.

Each shopping mall has different numbers of visitors a day, week…also; each shopping mall has a different rent. In the next calculation we left out the rent. We think that 250 waffles a day is realistic. In the SMBicutan Mall’s think sell maybe 300 pizza waffle a day from Monday till Thursday and 1200 a day from Friday till Sunday. For the time from Friday till Sunday we think that 1000 pizza waffles a day isn’t exaggerated, of course it depends on how busy the mall is, how many people pass by. Business Description

“Kaithlyn Pizza Waffle” will be operating its business as a sole proprietorship since it is also a small business. It will serve foods like any flavors of pizza waffles like ham and cheese, bacon, pepperoni, vegetarian and Hawaiian. We all know that people who are very busy and have a limited source of income wants to eat food that is of good quality plus affordable price. Now in the millions year Filipino or people are like to eat a pizza and waffles for breakfast and also luncheon or snack time and they are satisfied if their meal.


The business provides hot Pizza Waffles with its own unique taste that. Caters the delicate taste buds of the new millennium of the Filipino eater. The owners ensure the cleanliness of the products plus the super...
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