Assignment 12

Topics: Human resources, Management, Employment Pages: 3 (1266 words) Published: November 29, 2013
Please answer each of the following. Please place all your responses in a single file before uploading. 1.In your opinion, what should be the role of the human resources department in organizations? (10 points) The role of a human resource department should be a business partner. My personal philosophy is that I am only as good as my clients, the employees, view me. If they do not feel they can talk to me about issue they see in the workplace either with a coworker or their supervisor or just about an idea they have then I am not contributing anything to the company, after all my department is a cost center. I have interviewed with companies that do not see the value in the human resource department and knew that I would not be happy working with them. If my employees feel that I care about them, I am trustworthy and I am competent in my job then I am a contributing member of the team. Yes I do have to counsel the managers on aspects of the law and company policy but I also believe that each employee is an individual and should be treated as such. As long as in the big picture all employees are treated fairly then the company is doing right.

2.In your opinion, what are the key ingredients to effective communication of compensation to employees? Why? (5 points) I believe the rollout is important but so is continual feedback and monitoring of the pay plan. Listening to employee feedback is also important when compensation has been changed after all this is how the workers support their families and lifestyle. I agree with Flannery that most companies, including the one I currently work for, does a horrible job with communication. We just force our workers to accept the new plan and wonder why they are unhappy and more focused on their pay than performing their jobs. My company us actually in the process of changing the way we compensate a couple of our departments. I will suggest that ongoing analysis of whether or not the new plans are working and...
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