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Article Summary

The Article Summary for Week 1 will be done on an article chosen by the student from any reputable source such as news, trade, or professional periodicals or newspapers. The article must have been published one month or less before the assignment is due and be about some aspect of international business. The summary will be approximately one page in length and will include a summary of the article, the student's reaction to the contents of the article and a complete citation of the source. Any generally used style manual format may be used for your citation, such as MLA. These are to be done in Word and are to be put in the Dropbox with the student's name, the week, and the assignment type.

Outsourcing to China changes people's life-style
The outsourcing from America impacted my generation profoundly in many ways. We went to college and then found jobs in foreign companies like IBM, Intel, Flextronics or small scale foreign companies before settling down in the big cities. My parents' generation was so much different than ours. They worked on the land day after day, in the rain or under the flaming sun. However, their income was barely enough to keep the family fed and pay for the elementary school. Most people in my generation went to college paid by their siblings who worked in the big cities instead of by the parents. These demographic changes are directly caused by manufacturing growth driven by outsourcing and globalization. The cities where the outsourcing factories are located are filled with young people from rural country side. When we were young, we were told by the parents that we have to study hard to get out of the poor mountain side and find a better life in the wealthy cities. Outsourcing made it achievable because during my parent's generation, there was no opportunity for country people to find a job in the cities. The manufacturing sector growth driven by outsourcing required massive growth in the workforce and changed...

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