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ISM MBA Program
Advanced Human Resources Management
BS5 1A

Final Assigment : AREVA
Alexandre de Bayser

Before to start, I would like to remind you that I have done my internship in HR department at AREVA. Most of the information that I am going to share has been collected with experience, discussion and personal analyse. That’s why I won’t be able to cite all of my sources. At the same time, please agree that most of the information could be under restriction. They could not be use as references because of my contract. Introduction

Before to start explaining the HR structure at AREVA, we have to understand what is AREVA, how it has been created and then how political environment influences a lot its political.

Thanks to this understanding, we could then start to analyse the HR structure at AREVA. The main topics that we are going to tell about are the strategy, the organisational structure and agility, the workforce engagement (capability and capacity), the succession planning strategy. After all of those points, we are going to identify some main HR troubles and we will suggest solutions to solve them.

Areva’s history

AREVA has been created in 2001 from the merger between 3 companies. Those 3 companies were COGEMA, FRAMATOME ANP and TECHNICATOME (“AREVA” Wikipedia and website). We will see later that this merger is the origin of many HR troubles in the company. The goal was to create a leader company in the nuclear industry. As today, AREVA is the leader in nuclear industry, we could think from outside that this merger has been a success, but during this report, you will see that many problems still occurs from this merger even 12 years after the merger.

Actually if we want to be really precise, it is important to notice that AREVA is just the new governance structure that has been created in 2001. The merger between the three companies is dated from 1983. It means that 30 years after the merger, some troubles still occur in the company.

This is also really important to notice that due to financial structure and to its industry, AREVA is really influenced by political factors.

AREVA’s shareholders

The CEA that is a French public organisation owns 68% of the company. At the same time the French state owns around 15% of the company. And then the shareholders panel is more withdraw between many different actors as Total, KIA, EDF and others. We can notice than EDF that is the only customer of AREVA in France owns 2,24% of the company. EDF is also controlled by French state (84%) “EDF” Wikipedia and company’s website. It means that French government around 85% controls AREVA.

This is an important fact to notice because this situation leads to many changement in AREVA’s strategy. AREVA always respects new laws about employment. The company does not have the power to influence the politic and then it has to follow all the new policy. This is probably due to the fact that the shareholders choose the CEO. The CEO has to set up a strategy for AREVA. So we could say that the French government set up the strategy of AREVA when they choose the CEO.

The French political environment is not really stable at the moment. Work laws changed every time and the crisis force governments to change things. But every decision taken too fast creates problems. AREVA has to be a “model company”. Every time a new law is created, the company is changing all the HR structure according to the new law. And then, after a year of work, a new law appears and the work continues. So the HR at AREVA is not stable as it could be.

An overview of Human Resources at AREVA

AREVA is an international company with many different work and different sites. The HR resources organisation had to be build according to those facts. As the company is working in different part of the nuclear sector (mine extraction, chemical process, nuclear central building and services,...
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